First, thanks for your interest in me and my business!

Know that in choosing me you are helping support my family and keeping me at home with my children! 

 I currently live in Grovetown, Georgia and I have three girls that I home school: Scarlette, Ruby and Ember. My girls are the reason I fell in love with photography! I always found myself wanting to save the moments that we were sharing, trying to save a little piece of the time when they could fit in my arms, when the were learning to walk, when they were losing their teeth ( all those things are currently happening!!) Photography helped me save those moments and I found myself using my free time to learn more and more! 

I soon fell in love with light and using that light to capture beautiful images. I enjoy capturing moments in time, moments that you can't get back and want to freeze forever, moments of your family being YOU! I don't like to have a huge list of posed picture ideas going into a session, I like to let my clients be themselves so when you look back you shine through, not some posed picture "idea" of someone's else's life. I find when we have a list of posed shots that everyone ends up stressing about if we got "the" shot. If we go into the session with the idea of just having fun it always flows and smiles come easy! 

That being said, I do entertain ideas of what style you are going for in your session and I will try my best to accommodate that so long as it falls within my shooting style. I enjoy shooting with natural light the most and almost always will encourage outdoor sessions; the light can be worked with so many ways and I enjoy using God's creations in my work!

I specialize in family/children, maternity and weddings but if you love my style feel free to contact me for your needs and we will see if we are a good fit!

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When words become unclear,I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.
— Ansel Adams