When you book a session with me I want you to realize you are making an investment for your future.

Money is so easily spent: going out to eat, that toy your child desperately "needs" that designer purse you have been wanting...

But 10 years from now your most prized possessions, the objects in your home that will mean the most to you, will be the pictures you are taking now. They will be one of the few connections to this stage in your life. Not just professional shots but all pictures! I totally understand that most people cannot afford to hire me to follow them around everyday and that hiring me is a treat, a special, few times a year, treat! But don't let that stop you from capturing those memories!

When you invest with me I strive to make the experience enjoyable from beginning to end and customize everything about your experience for YOU! No two sessions will be exactly alike, just as no two families are exactly the same! Trust me with your memories and I will do my best to capture these memories for your family, smoothly and with enjoyment. Don't neglect to capture this time in your life!

Family/Child Sessions:



I specialize in family/child sessions and breastfeeding portraiture but please feel free to email me for your needs and we will see if it is a good fit!

Contact me to customize your session!


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