End of Summer Part 1

Summer is over and fall is here. I have to admit I love fall and I am not sad to see the summer heat leave here in Georgia. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the food, the smell that changes in the air. And of course I love that golden fall light! I haven't been blogging like I should and I am making that a goal for me to improve! 

Here is a round up of what I did this summer! I think I will have to make a few blog posts on this ;) Anyways, part 1! 

We have a studio space now! I am still getting used to shooting indoors but so far I love it!

My girls and I did a lot of playing in the woods for science ;)

Some of our favorite people had birthdays! 

Lots of birthday parties!

Super awesome light after the rain in Indiana.

Played with friends and family we miss so much!! 

Miss this sweet family! 

Got to spend a little time with family, not nearly enough though!

My sister got married!!

Look at her handsome husband!! She got a keeper! 

Fireworks picture which is mandatory for summer ;)

Dancing in fireworks smoke!

Aunt Whitney let us take a picture!!!