New equipment in my arsenal!

I am so excited to announce that I decided to take the plunge and get the Mark III. I had previously been renting it for weddings and my husband and I decided that we needed to go ahead and make the investment and buy it. The camera does not make the photographer but it feels  good knowing I have two great bodies to shoot with and having the great low light capabilities that the Mark III offers will be great for weddings! 


I made my children, who grace my facebook page on an almost daily basis, go out and let me practice on them the other day. We got a few good images and I got to practice and get accustomed to my new camera!

While I am at it now, is a good time to introduce my family! Scarlette is 6, she likes anything my little pony and is a HUGE helper to me with her baby sister. Ruby is 5, she loves art, singing, dancing and making her sisters laugh! Ember is 5 months and loves to nurse all day long; she keeps me busy! My husband, Brandon, is the behind the scenes guy! He answers emails for me and works out scheduling and booking. He is also rarely behind the camera, which I need to remedy! 


YK0A0434-Edit copy.jpg
YK0A0264-Edit copy.jpg
YK0A0331-Edit copy.jpg
YK0A0624-Edit copy.jpg