I know many photographers go about their sessions in different ways, and not everyone has had a custom session with a professional photographer so you may be wondering what to expect. So here is a rundown of what you can expect when you book me!

First, we will converse via email/text/phone, whatever makes you more comfortable. We will chat about what you are looking for in your session and make sure that you know and like my style. 

Once you have decided that you want to book me you will pay your deposit which locks in your session date. The remainder of your payment is due before we start shooting. After paying your deposit we will set a date and location ( I have numerous ones I know of or you can offer up a place special to your family) and I will email you a welcome packet. The welcome packet should answer any questions you have but please do not hesitate to email me with questions. This is  your session and I am here to make it run smoothly and be enjoyable for you! 

When the session date arrives we will meet at the location and take some time getting comfortable. 

It normally takes me two weeks to edit the images for a session. I personally hand edit each image, I do not bulk process as I have a different vision for each image! When the images are done I will contact you and we will set up a date for the unveiling. For the unveiling I will come to your home and show you a slideshow of your images. At that time I will also show you samples of items you can order that are in my packages. This is the time you will place an additional orders and I will give you the information for your online gallery.



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